World of Warcraft/WoW

Anyone here play it?

I got the free trial were you can play free until lvl. 20 but I can’t seem to level up cause I keep dying.

I play it on and off. I took a break around the start of this year because my guild kinda stopped raiding, as most of our main group stopped logging on at raid times because it was around the holidays, and I didn’t need any gear from MSV. Have an ilevel 490 huntard, full dreadful/molevolent mage, and a level 88 dk as my main toons. I also have level 50s-70s of everything else, minus a lock, shammy, and priest.

I play on Maelstrom (aka failstrom). Main toons are Ârtemis, Brynhold, and Dynikus.

ahhhhh, you need better equipmemt than!!!


we should play together sometime