World of Warcraft thread!


Any players out there? Would be cool to talk to people about the game. Maybe help some people out or just prove that just because we are gamers doesn’t mean we can’t have worldly hobbies!


I just started playing and I love it!!! I’m a huge Guild Wars fan so it was kind of a sin to switch over but I’m ok with that :smiley:


Chuck Norris approved.


i used to play i was an lvl 80 druid just not enough time


How much for each month?


$14.99 p/month.

Right now Blizzard is running a holiday deal, you can get the Battle Chest for $5, Lych King for $10, and Cataclysm for $20. That’s $65 in savings if you bought them all @ regular price.


I thought it’s free until Level 20


I played for about a month… then I went back to Lineage II and League of Legends.


Right, so I recently downloaded the free version. But, when I started up my character, I noticed that EVERYONE was a hunter. i think that I picked an elf or something. I was on the alliance side.

Is hunter a really common choice or something? is it an OP class? I always hated playing a class that everyone else is playing.