World of Radioactive Color

So I was lucky enough to end up with a large pile of original World of Color halves… but they have no guts in them, and they have no caps to match.

So, being me… I just had to do something with them. This is the first of many mods using these bodies.

This one has the guts from a raw cyclotron in it. The hubs are press fit as usual. The total weight on this thing is only 40g so I’m thinking weight rings are in its future :slight_smile:

It plays -really- well… these bodies are surprisingly well made. There are some air bubbles in the plastic but they haven’t caused any problems yet (I’ve got lots of practice dealing with them)

Old School + New School = Lots of fun and a confusion… I have to say throwing this thing is kinda odd since my brain is expecting an old school, very sensitive and difficult throw… but my hands tell me I can do whatever the heck I want with it and it won’t give me any problems.

Edit: Please excuse the distortion in the second image, the halves really are the exact same shape despite what the camera lens might think :slight_smile:


Haha. Awesome. Those aren’t gaps between the bearing and bearing seat, are they?

No, that’s just where the edge of the bearing starts to round off… the gap on the cyclotron is as huge as physically possible with that bearing.


That’s amazing.

If your selling later hit me uP!! ::slight_smile: