World Champion Gentry Stein Video


Is it just me or does the general public really just hate yoyos?
Youtube itself commented on the video. Then the general public saw it. So, they watched and commented.
Now sadly, most of what i see is
“Get a life”
Is this REALLY what people think? Can you guys ask some friends to get their opinion?


Thats youtube comments for you, literally the same way on any video. Just ignore them or don’t take them seriously.


All of my friends think it’s a pretty cool talent


This is pretty much how its been since youtube came out… I dont know why people get so over worked about trolls on youtube.


I dunno. Just the annoyance of them bothers me.

(Yoyo_Master) #6

I don’t mind the people that are purposely leaving mean comments because that’s what they do all day on every video. But the thing that annoys me is when somebody says something about walking the dog.