Working on Ilyy 2wei review

I’ll be posting my review and notes first week in July being my focus for the first few weeks will be on JuILLY.
It’s beautiful though.
Here’s some candy in the meantime.
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And another
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Sniffy, do you ever get tired of using the same throw exclusively for weeks at a time? What if you don’t like it? Do you ever get sick of the throw, and cut the month or so review period with it short?

Hi. Well, not really. Being I stay in the very high end area and choose carefully what I review, it’s been a long time since I reviewed something I didn’t like. Definitely more than a year.

During the process I’m doing pretty different things and making notes on the technical aspects I become aware of new ones during play, so it keeps me interested. If I do feel like I’ve got all the fine aspects of the Yoyo, all the info I like to have to do a comprehensive review, I’ll review it early.

I also always take a short break from what I’m reviewing, and only throw other things so I can come back to the review Yoyo with a fresh perspective.

Plus if I’m mobile, I never take what I’m reviewing with me to avoid damage, so I wind up throwing something else during that part of the day as well.

So there is a bit of variety even during my process of focusing on a particular Yoyo I’m reviewing.
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If anyone has good quality photos of very early Ilyy throws, I’m looking for some photos for my Ilyy focus next month. Thanks.
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