Wooly Marmot?

Does anyone know if and when Chris will be doing another run? I believe the last run or Marmots was back in late February or early March, and I was curious how long it may be until the next batch is released. I noticed CLYW has been releasing quite a few batches lately and I was hoping to hold off until I could get my hands on a Marmot.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, guys!

-WretchedRapture ;D

Andre said that it was rumored that CLYW was working on another run in the Manufacturer’s forum.

I think caribounick has a sweet MIB grey bip bop for sale in the BST, good price too. Not at all affiliated with that sale but I’ve thought about buying it just because, even though I already have a Marmot. Awesome colorway.

The sweet Marmot has sold.
As for the next run of Marmots, it’ll probably after the Gnarwhals. I assume the weights will be back on the heavier side, 65 - 66g.

Hmm the gray bip bop is a sweet colorway, somebody lucky must’ve snatched that one up. It would make sense that they do another Gnarwal run before the Marmots come back, but any idea if the Gnarwals are being worked on? :slight_smile:

Far as I know, the Gnarwhal will be worked on by the new shop in BC.
Rumor has it that it will have solid colours and engravings.