wooly marmot responsive how do i fix it

I just bought a wooly marmot and ive had it for about a day and it is responding.icant even do a wrist whip with it and when i grind it respons and climbs back to my hand.how do i fix it?do i just need to break in the bearing.please help.

same thing happened with mine when I first got it. Either just play with it because the bearing just needs to break in, or change it out for an old, already broken in bearing

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Either break it in or clean the bearing. If you want to break it in, doing Gyro Flops speeds up the process.

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it kind sounds like the bearing has something grinding

If it’s grinding, then put a TINY TINY TINY bit of thin lube on it. It’ll restart the break in period (make it semi responsive) but it should get rid of the grinding problem.

its already fully resposive. u tug it and it returns. cant do whips

then clean it or switch it out. Sorry, that’s all the advice i have for you.

Cleaning the bearing is your BEST bet now. I’m pretty positive on this.

Even if you got debris in your bearing or that it’s breaking in the lube, clean the bearing and it’ll be dry.