Wooly Marmot Batch 2 up at YYN


gogogogogo, i snagged one =D so once i get it, ill give you a review

(JonasK) #2

Hope these guys will be around long enough so people will stay of the ILYY’s


nah, people are going crazy about that lol


I don’t have the $$

I’ll try to snag one on the B/S/T if I can.


i dont know about that, Most CLYW yoyos dont get sold on YYN cause they are to awesome


And, it’s only batch 2. They’re new to the company, so good luck.

Just like being 1st in line at Best Buy to buy a 360, and sell it on Ebay.


Hulk Smash edition WMs are in - 18 left, get em while they’re round.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #8

Or waiting at a shoe store and getting blue lobsters and selling them later.


Got one ;D
I will make a review and a video.