CLYW Wooly Marmot 2 Potentially FT!


Hey guys, this is my first BST attempt in trying to trade (maybe sell) my Solid Black Wooly Marmot 2.

It’s a beautiful yoyo, but seeing as though I’m not very skilled at yoyoing yet I’m too scared to actually use it so I figured I may as well see what kind of offers I could get on it while the hype for it is up (One of the 5 sold on Yoyoexpert in this colorway a few days ago, took like 2 minutes for it to sell out).

The yoyo is MIB (Only did like a bind and a trapeze just to see how such an expensive yoyo feels like, and I ruined one of my own strings to put a string on/off over the half since I didn’t even want to take apart the yoyo due to the bearing being so tight on Mint)

I’d like to see what kind of offers on other yoyos I could get on it, but if there is a lot of interest I may put it up on Ebay on my dad’s Ebay account (Padrewonder, has a lot of Karma on that account so it’s the most reliable way for me to trade) However, if there isn’t much money to be made, I’d rather just keep it until I get better/ etc.

I posted my pictures on a reddit thread, but I guess I can provide more proof later that it’s mine if there really is a concern for it.

Imgur Album here:



Might put up on ebay if there is enough interest or sell if there is an offer I can’t refuse, but still not in a rush to get rid of it.


Hello I know this is like a whole year later, but I was just curious to see if you still have the clyw wm2?

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