Wooly Marmot and Wooly Markmont?


Are these two different yoyos? or are there just hundreds of the same typo?


Nope, wooly marmot is one of jensen kimmit’s signature CLYW’s, and the wooly markmont is a CLYW/one drop collaboration. I don’t know that much about it (and I don’t own one) but it’s basically a someone tweaked version of the wooly marmot given One drop looks.


That’s it in a nutshell. The Wooly Markmont is it’s own yoyo. It’s got the shape of the Wooly marmot, but it’s also got the nickle plating and the nut of the One Drop Markmont Next. Of course, weight differences are there too.

(Connor) #4

I own a Wooly Markmont and its been my go to yoyo hands down for several months now. IMO, its everything the Marmot should have been from the start. The weight tweaks really made a world of difference, its stable as ever and spins multitudes longer than the Marmot can. Be wary though, a lot of people have tried mine and said its a rock on a string. It plays a lot heavier than a normal Marmot.


thanks guys and btw i love heavy throws. i might have to track one down


That might be expensive and hard but I threw One once and it seems more stable than the marmot for me.


I tried a markmont at TN states this year and I must say that I am very impressed, I usually don’t go for undersized yoyos but it was very nice and I would love to get one as well.


Shouldn’t be to hard to find at a decent price. Probably around the $100 range.

Definitely worth picking up!