wooly mamort

i just orderes a wooly mamort hulk smash, i was wondering if it wasn’t a waste.

Not at all. It’s a great yoyo!

Definitely not a waste, but why not ask before you buy it?

Why the heck would it be a waste? What a silly question, lol. I am sure it’s not. I have heard many good things about that yo-yo.

Haven’t heard anything but good comments on the WM

Well for anything else what you could do is keep it for a collection, or use it as a trade or something. But all i’ve heard on it was good reviews.

thanks(i’m changing my pic. to the mamort).

are you kidding? i play with it more than my peak…the marmot is awesome. I currently own a bluegrass acid wash marmot. 8) you my friend did not waste a single penny.

I know now that I didn’t waste my money at all. This is by far the best yoyo I have ever played with (#2 being my DM). I am going to post a review of it soon.

BTW, it’s marmot, not mamort. :wink:

I know now after getting it.