Woohoo!! Got 6 new throws in this week. Can some body id the Code 2 colorway?

So I got a big haul from a buy off of facebook. I’m super stoked and really surprised how much I like some of the throws. OD Code 2, OD Y-Factor, C3 Capsule 2, God-Tricks J-Power, YYC Trap XL, MagicYoYo N8. I think so far the Capsule 2 is my favorite. I’ve really been throwing the Code 2, but the Capsule is just smooth.

Anybody know what is the name of the Code 2 Colorway?


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Oh Dang, that Trap XL looks so delish…
If you ever wanna trade that baby, I’m right here haha!

Definitely wasteland. As a person who really doesn’t fancy green I have to say it really is one of my favorite colorways.