Wooden yoyo vibe.. Oh please...


… or opportunistic… ;D



I have to chime in. I have played the Spindle you made me a lot. Maybe I vibe in sync with the Spindle, but, I have never noticed any out of the ordinary vibe. Some people may be hyper critical, some may be overly accepting, people are people.

That said, the yo-yo you made me is at least as good as any wood I have played.

(Spinworthy Glen) #23

Thanks, French! I’m really pleased to hear that you like it.


Anything you mess with has something funny going on…

You ride a bike… at least one of the wheels has a little shake to it/maybe both.

You shoot pool and whether you use your own pool cue or a house stick; it usually has a little bend or funny tip or imperfect weighting…

You go bowling and the ball you are using; could probably fit your fingers a little better…

You shoot a little archery with friends and the arrows you shoot could prolly be a little straighter…

… I could go on for about 20 years, haha. What’s the point? Glad you asked>

Everything I stated above has something in common with wooden yoyos that vibe.

Nothing mentioned will keep you from having fun if you approach the situation with the right mental outlook.

Energy and enthusiasm should be directed at the end game(to have fun). Everything viewed as a challenge; should be approached in exactly in that manner.

By simple nature of potential inherent inconsistencies and densities of wood; logic would dictate it reasonable that the average wood yoyo will play with less than magical smoothness.

Wood is not the medium for those who seek precision.

Wood is the material for people that are willing to ‘add the precision’ to the equation and dream of someday playing wood as Awesome as Ed…

Wood is good. Often vibe comes at no extra charge…


I own several wood yoyo’s so with vibe some with other problems. BUT, if I wanted I could find a complaint with just about every throw I own, metal, plastic or wood.
For me it is about the craftsmanship in making a wooden yoyo and the feel of it in my hand.


My $5 wooden butterfly is not as smooth as my Draupnir I’m going to return it


That picky in a wooden yoyo I say have more fun with the yo yo and may be if can avoid the friend?


unless a wooden yoyo is stored in a climate controlled environment… you can’t guarantee anything.


You mean like a house? ;D