Wooden yoyo strings problem

hi guys, sorry for my english but i’ll do my best

i’m a rookie & i have a wooden yoyo and i don’t know how to put the string on
i tried the normal way (untwist the string and put in on) but i have like a ‘lag’ when my yoyo comes down. i had no problem before because a master did it for me, but he did a node that i can not repeat. but recently i changed my string and can’t have the feeling that i had back.
i have a wooden axle and can’t find anything about this on internet.
do you have some tips for me?

thank’s! ! IMG_20191115_023024|666x500

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With many wooden fixed axle yoyos, after a change of the first string, the magic is gone. My advice is to spin the yoyo clockwise a bit on the end of the string. This gives the string torsion and helps it to respond.


Sometimes you have to just get in some throws, for it to start responding better.

I know @Glenacius_K doesn’t like this, but a little bit of lip balm on the loop of string where it contacts the axle, can really make it more consistent.

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Well it’s OK. If you can’t get it to work consistently under normal circumstances, then maybe you might need something like that.

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New strings need to break in on wood yo-yos; they can be quite unresponsive at first. Get it wound tight, and throw some hard windshield wipers (or some other kind of regen which allows long, consecutive sleepers) to build up heat on the axle/string. It’ll get better in a minute or so. The process does take some practice.

I used to use lip balm, but i found that it’s unnecessary if you break in the string.

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Yes, this is usually the case, but I don’t believe it’s the way it must be.