So i was wondering about painting the inside of my speeder 2 just to make it look cooler. So my speeder 2 is translucent green and i wanted to paint the inside (take off cap) a splash like pink but idk if the color would show up. So would it or would it not?

Not sure but you could always try and if it doesn’t work out just chip it off.

I suggest testing it with a little dab somewhere that you can scratch it off if it doesn’t work.

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I don’t think this would work very good. Maybe adding a metalic paint as a reflective coating might be cool or a white to lighten it up or black to darken it.

What you want is a clear one. I don’t think they make it in clear. If they come in clear, then yeah, your idea would rock.

Mine is in blue. I like it stock, no need to change.

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