Wonder Woman Tutorial


This is a tutorial for Spencer Berry’s trick Wonder Woman. He created this trick sometime in 2001, and as far as I know, the trick made its first appearance in the 1-13-01 spindox video. There was also a video of Spencer doing this trick on his old Phalanx website. I couldn’t find this video anywhere on the internet, so I uploaded it to my channel.

I would rate this trick as the same difficulty as superman and spirit bomb, so if you know those tricks, this one should be no problem.


1-13-01 spindox video


Thanks for this! Looking forward to learning it.


For me it will be a challenge but I have got to try to learn it.


Cool, now I’ve got a “goal trick” again! ;D
It’s such a great feeling when you finally land that trick that had been so far out of your skill level you never thought you’d get there. Thanks!