Spencer Berry's Havoc Tutorial

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I Love this trick.

Spencer created this trick sometime in 2001, and it made its first appearance in his Phalanx Primus video.


Great tutorial! Gonna work on it this weekend.

If you intend on doing many of the 2000-2002 era tricks, I highly suggest getting to White Buddha 2 and Spencer Berry’s “Cataclysm” trick.

I intend to do tutorials of these types of tricks as well but in my gopro style tutorial work.


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I honestly don’t know how many more tutorials I will do. I have recorded footage for a Superman 2 tutorial; I just have to edit it now. There are a few more tricks I know from that era, but I don’t know if I will have time to film and edit them before I start college again. I know how to do White Buddha 2, but I am not sure on its proper ending, so I’m a little hesitant to make a tutorial.

As for Cataclysm, I have not broken it down yet, but I will probably make a tutorial for it when I do unless you beat me to it. :wink:


Yo do yo still remember cataclysm? I read it was part of a trilogy with havoc and enigma and I’m just super curious to see this trick and learn it. All the vids of it got lost I think like I tried searching a bunch and can’t find it anywhere. If you do remember, take a break from eating the yo-yos and film that sucker or it could end up another trick lost to history. Thanks!

The trick isn’t lost. You can see it in this video, which was its debut, I think.

Cataclysm starts around 3:54. It was part of Spencer’s “Destruction Trilogy,” which is also in the video. This whole video is worth a watch: lots of good old school tech.

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Sick! Thank you!

I’ve tried to learn the trick but can never figure out a specific spot even when Spencer sent me a video of it in 1080p, lol. There is one specific spot that is ridiculously difficult to do.

Yeah, Spencer did all of his old tricks back when Steve Brown was doing his 365 days project. I downloaded the majority of them though.

But eating yoyos is so good! And aha, basically Tsukasa Takatsu has been making tutorials for many of the great older tricks from the 2000s so perhaps he will make a tutorial of it someday.


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