Winners of the "Post To Win" Contest

Congratulations to:

Part 1: Spencer L.
Part 2: JRam
Part 3: rsmod123

T-Shirt Winners:

Thanks for all that played!
Sorry about the ‘glitch’ in the second one - in an attempt to be “tricky” we were a little too tricky and made it impossible to post! Hence the reason we did a third one shortly after… :wink:

If you are one of the winners above please email and we will send you your “code.”


Oh Part 3 had the same winning rules as Part 2? Cool.

Cool, i won!!! ;D Emailed you ;D

Congratulations, everyone. ;D

whee :smiley:
thanks Andre!
emailed you!

do i just email you saying that its me?


did you get your code apetrunk?

so i email andre with my hotmail account saying ‘‘its JRam’’

Yup. It should already be on here for him to confirm it.

Nope. Just gave my address.

Oh ok. I was just wondering

woo! :smiley:
emailed you!

I wish there is another.
Do they have another “Post and win” in the next week?

I don’t think so

When was there a Part 3?

He tried to be tricky and put part 2 in the archived trades. But he forgot that you can’t post in the archived trades, and nobody could post there, so everybody saw the post and was thanking the post, but couldn’t reply.

Eventually he moved it to the general forum, but he decided to give a round 3 because that was sorta unfair.

Oh. DANG! That would of been funny if I won all 3. Hehe. I e-mailed you!

Man, I could’ve won the part three, but my little bro started crying about how he had no computer time.

I miss out a lot because of him. Example: Starscreem’s T-shirt contest, I could’ve still had a chance but my little bro made a fuss about it.

Anyone could’ve won it. Like rsmod said in another post, there is a very small chance of winning. Maybe you should be nicer to your little brother, though. :-\

Kim-Lan could be right. I know your position, Chris. Almost there… DANG! It happens. Your little brother distracts you just about when it was going to happen. I’m an only child, but I know what you mean.