So since we glitched the second one - its still valid…

But we will do ONE more!!!


First REPLY to this thread WINS $25 to YoYoExpert!


My heart skipped a beat when i saw it, and when i posted this post, i felt depressed. :’( I’m seriously sorry people :frowning:

Anyway, Grats rsmod ;D You did well ;D Now, go buy a bigyo, like you always wanted!!! ;D



(Mark) #4

Come one!


Sorry that you got it?

(Mark) #6

That was the best one ever! It caught us off guard! It should be like this without any warning!


I am officially confused.


Yep, sorry to the other members of YYE :frowning: I’m happy and sad at the same time :frowning:

(Mark) #9

hahaha. So young yet so humble.

(Mitch) #10

Wow… This one is a bummer… Im like… Oh well, contest time is over… time to go yoyo… Hmm Im going to look up Kim-Lan’s tut for Hoppin’ Clouds again… Whats this? Bummer!


Lol its like no one has seen this yet :o


lol, I was eating dinner. Congrats rsmod! You deserve it, and also should be forum eXpert, nudge nudge

(Mitch) #13

Lol… I was like "Who eats dinner at 11:30 at night? And then Im like, wait… Time zones…

Yeah gratz RSmod, and all of the other winners too!

(Mark) #14

Uber Over 9000 Nudge