Windy Day Shenanigans

A few tricks I’ve been working on, but mostly just goofing off this windy afternoon with a pair of CODE2s and a Freehand Zero. Hope you all enjoy the fancy dog walkin’. :slight_smile: Thanks for watching!

Great vid Jason. The dog walking with the CODE 2 on concrete hurt my soul a little bit, but was funny.
Also, was there a little Zach Gormley inspiration in one of those tricks?

Sandpaper works wonders. :slight_smile:
I do watch Zach’s awesome videos, so I’m sure there’s some influence going on, though there’s nothing specific I was intentionally riffing on. Thanks for watching!

The trick I’m referring to is at 2:05, the swing the cradle thing in the 3d circles through the structure is just like what Zach does in one of his combos.

Interesting. I figured you were referring to the over the arm thingy. That particular rock the baby trick was discovered at the San Diego Yoyo Club with a fellow named Forrest. Elephark also does some rather nifty rock the baby tricks - of the people whose videos I watch the closest, I think he probably most informed that one. PM me a link to the vid where Zach does that. I’d love to see it. :slight_smile: