Win a OneDrop Kraken, w/box signed by the One Drop team.

I’m not sure if this has to go in BST, or is acceptable here as a giveaway. Mods, feel free to move it.  8)

Happy Haloween!
It’s #pumpkingrind time! Enter by posting an Instagram video, or link to a youtube video in instagram, tagged #pumkingrind . Entires must incorporate a walk-the-dog or other physical contact grind-like activity. Creativity will carry the day, not just the most tech.
The winner will recieve a OneDrop Kraken, signed by the OD team.

Deadline is November 14!


One week left to get your entries in for a free OneDrop Kraken! Lets seem some walk the dog variations! lets see some grinds!

Get creative folks. 8)

Trying to get my trick down in time!