Will YYE stock yoyoofficer?

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I’ve tried some of their throws… they’re actually pretty good. Like really good.

It would be great if YYE could do it but obviously that requires an agreement between both companies and other issues. It’s a little more complicated than just… “Hey, can I sell your company’s yoyos at my store?” That’s just the beginning of a long process.

For awhile there was an issue of One Drop YoYos being sold at YYE, but now they are. So, who knows?

It would be great if they did but we’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe Andre will let us know.

YoyoOfficer is definitely making some great products.

I asked Andre this same question a week or so ago. He indicated that YoyoOfficer was definitely on the YYE radar.

Thank you all for supporting Yoyofficer. :slight_smile:

We would really like to work with Yoyoexpert, hopefully it will work out well.