Will this type of acetone work?


Nail polish remover? Post best alternative to that if you have one also, thanks!


They usually have water in nail polish remover, so leaving it in will rust your bearing.

You can get a huge thing of acetone from Ace Hardware for the cheap. Or WalMart for that matter.


I can confirm that nail polish remover would work. I used it exclusively for skateboard bearings with no ill effects.


It will work. I’d just be sure to dry it thoroughly just to be sure it doesn’t cause rust.


I’ve had success with Methylated Spirits, it’s basically 95% ethanol and 5% methanol (or maybe it’s the other way around) it’s NOT what you guys call mineral spirits


Stupid question: Will wd 40 work? Probably not.

(WildCat23) #7

As a lubricant, yes, although you have to use it sparingly.


Nail polish remover’s problem is the additives/conditioners in it, not water content. You could actually clean a bearing with water and detergent if you wanted to.

The conditioners don’t evaporate. In most cases, it will probably still “work” afterwards. This kind of thing is so non-destructive. If it gunks up your bearing, you just need to clean it with another method; there’s no permanent damage done. On a small bearing that’s relatively free-spinning, the “gunk” might be more noticeable than on a larger bearing that carries load.

Me, I’d use acetone from the hardware store instead.