Will flowable silicone stick in plastic yoyos?

So my go-to response is flowable silicone. I know that some offstring yoyos don’t let the silicone stick to it because the celcon or delrin is really slick so I just use pads for mine. Does flowable silicone stick in normal polycarbonate plastic yoyos? Oh btw, I tried red RTV silicone and it didn’t come out, but I still like flowable better so please don’t suggest retrying RTV

Yep, flow’s fine

Yup, flowable works just fine.


Ok cool. Thanks guys!

It’s interesting you say that because the flowable silicone in my celcon yoyo hasn’t been sticking. The blue cbc pads work pretty good, which is what was recommended. Although I wonder if the fact that I’m using it as responsive is why… Anyways thank you for bringing that to my attention!

flowable silicone works on delrin yo-yos.

Oh I didn’t know that…I’ve never actually tried it myself but nearly every review I saw people weren’t having much luck so I didn’t want to try it. I’ll give it a shot now that someone’s told me it works. Thanks