🪵 Wildwood Fixies

I made three variations on a theme. Each of these fixed axle yo-yos are 58x32mm.

[SOLD] Variation 1 has the most squared profile, with a flat rim, short taper, and high wall. 48g. $50

[SOLD] Variation 2 has a flat rim and a longer, slightly curved inner taper. 45g. $50

[Currently being held for someone] Variation 3 has a classic butterfly profile. 45g. $45 (This one has a small amount of wood vibe that can be felt on the string)


I also have a few B-grades.

[Currently being held for someone] This butterfly is like the one above, but bears the marks of a failed laser engraving attempt. I re-sanded it, but you can still see burn marks in the open grain. It plays great though. 46g. $40

[SOLD] This curly maple yoyo is a design I really like, but has minor tear out on the inner wall and some epoxy leaked into the axle. I tried to repair these issues as best as possible, but it still has a tendency to sometimes respond without sleeping. It might break in over time and be fine, but I’m not sure. 61x32mm. 47g. $35


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You are very talented! Excited to see some of your wonderful work on sale. Sent you a PM!


That curly maple takes the laser engraving so well. Love the designs. PM sent!


Everything sold or claimed. If any fall through, I’ll update the post. If you missed out, I’ve got a few more in the works.


All sold and shipped. Please Close.