wierd responce

My duncan mosquito can with brake pads than friction stickers. i didn’t custom order either

Are you sure?

I’m not sure what that could mean, but Duncan might have acedently put them in, but I’m not sure.

If it bothers you, contact Duncan.

yea if it bothers you maybe they refund it

so are you saying that your mosqutio has brake pads instead of friction stickers?

it wouldn’t bother me, but that’s me. could you put friction stickers over the brake pads?

they would probably refund it, or fix it. that is pretty cool, though. having something abnormal than the rest. that might be rare! i doubt it, though.

I don’t care now because I lost it. I trade a kid my ducan ignite for it and he gave it to me in the box to. I now have a yoyo factory ocho8ocho

Then the “kid” probably put the brake pads in it.

yeah, probably.

it is good to provide all the information when you ask a question, rather than have us guess then tell us afterwards. :slight_smile:

no he didin’t because he brung the package in that morning and it hasent been opened yet.