Wierd google + question


So, i was making a google+ account and it said “I am a?” in the drop down list it said male, female, and other. Creepy.


What did you put?




Oddly enough, I recently canceled my google + account. I went to post some pics on my picasa account which I hadn’t used since before I signed on to google +. It looked to me like they wanted to publish way more info than I intended so i canceled it. It was easier than reading all the junk on how to make it more private.

Keep in mind that some of the google stuff is done somewhat tongue-in-cheek. They still pretend to be a fun place.


That last part made me giggle jhb. :stuck_out_tongue:


There are some in the community who don’t identify as male or female, these include transsexuals, intersex etc. By putting other they’re being inclusive to all people


I’ve got a couple friends who don’t affiliate themselves with a gender, and I wouldn’t be able to put them with one myself. Glad google is asking people.