Why does nobody ever want yyf or Duncan yoyos in the BST. There are some great ones!
For example:

  • The yyf 2.0, a super fun fast and stable yoyo, and some great colors
  • The yyf dv888, really cool throw
  • Im getting a 88807, really great yoyo
  • Hectic, super fun!
  • whip is great
  • Ducan Metropoplis is AWESOME

I dont get it, why not, a company name doesnt mean that much

Probably because the market is saturated with them already.

They’re mass produced, unlike other companies. It decreases their market value because there are hundreds upon thousands of them.

A lot of YYF throws go pretty well on the BST.

he might be referring to when ppl on the bst says no yyf

How about: why post something you never intended to sell. I don’t understand the “in the mail” section.

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I love my 2.0, but if I needed a new one I would probably get a brand new one just for giggles. Or a mint one in the BST because they have better colors than YYE.

One of the issues here is that people rarely want to trade in yoyos of smaller retail values. The majority of BST threads are filled with yoyos in the $100 retail bracket, or perhaps conversely at the low end of the price spectrum. Few people seem to want to trade $40-$60 throws. A sensible reason for this is that they have become quite affordable to buy new. Once you’ve factored shipping costs into a BST price, you may often not save a huge amount of money by purchasing second hand, and the difference between $30 second hand and $40 new is not enough to make people want to ‘BST’. You see this in the fact that the Duncan Barracuda is well thought of, and will disappear rapidly from BST threads, whereas a dv888 will stick around.

Of course the points above are well made: there are heaps of dv888s around. And of course, although no one would ever admit it for fear of being seen to be pandering to the ‘cool’ crowd, many YYF/Duncan throws just aren’t really considered show off pieces I don’t think. This ties into the first paragraph, because YYF/Duncan throws aren’t as exclusive. They don’t hold the same status that CLYW/OD/General Yo do. This is despite some of them being fantastic players. These things go in and out with time, and so you never know, Duncan may go back to being the thing to have. Particularly if they keep making throws like the Barracuda. And although this may sound harsh, it’s not meant to be. Most of us have a little bit inside that makes us want to pick up a rare-ish yoyo. Especially if it plays well too. I know I do. But this doesn’t mean I don’t want to throw a Catalyst a lot.

You know I never really got or liked this mentality. I mean I see it all the time, and I don’t hold it against anybody, but it seems like for a throw to be good it has to be something that others don’t have. The term better used to describe this is Neener Neener. I’ll keep my Dv888 thank you.

I’m not saying it’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s just a fact. I think it depends on what you’re trying to get out of yoyoing. If you want a wicked collection then that’s fine, and you pick up as many [insert cool company here] as possible. If you want great yoyos to throw, then in all likelihood you pick up a complete mix of companies, because most companies produce some outstanding throws. Or you do the reverse snobbery thing and only use ‘lower end’ throws. The crucial part here is that despite the OP none of this really matters. It happens, and it’s not the end of the world. And as long as you get a kick out of what you do, who cares really. Just whatever you do, enjoy it. :slight_smile: (That’s probably my HaruRay ending :wink: )

I like a bit of all worlds, and particularly I want to support new companies, cause they are clearly the future of advancing the fun!

‘Small companies are the future’ - So if they become successful they become irrelevant?

Sorry your logic just confuses me.

Perceived ‘rareness’ is bought on BST more than actual yoyos. If you want yoyos for performance you will do very well, if you want emotion or status you need to pay for it.

No they certainly don’t become irrelevant. At all. Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I only meant that bringing as many young aspiring creators to the point where they can routinely design and build yoyos can only help the whole community. People think about designing things in different ways, and so the best way for advancement is to have as many different people designing as possible.

Oh, and as an aside Ben, YYF made me very happy by putting out a new run (at least I think a new run) of the 7075 Catalysts. I’d been hoping to find some more for sale! Long may the catalyst continue!

Oh just a heads up I’m not being parsnickety here towards any one person. I just kind of find the concept of rareness to be funny among yoyo companies to be funny.

I’ve bought plenty of Duncan and YYF via BST.

Let me break down how I see things based on my preferences and your offerings:

YYF 2.0: This is not a model I am interested in.
dv888: While nothing is wrong with this model, I have one, don’t need another and it’s a model that’s just kind of bland. Popular item, and if you can get one off BST, I’d say that’s a good route.

888 - any version: not a model of interest to me.
Hectic: Again, not a model of interest to me.

Whip: Got 2. My kid has one. Great yoyo. Don’t need another.

Metropolis: What was Duncan thinking? This one is great IF it’s not a string eater, which I think they’ve fully fixed that problem. I think this yoyo was a bit ahead of it’s time and under-priced.

Just be patient. You can’t predict what people are looking for. Bump your post daily, keep your thread locked and clean except to post bumps, be fast to reply to inquiries and in some cases, be prepared to negotiate if you decide you have room to negotiate.

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The simple answer is either not “hip” or they already have got them. My YYF I chose to get rid of on a popular auction website as they were not good trading fodder and I had moved into more full sized throws (they were older undersized YYF). Good luck and keep bumping somebody may want them eventually.


I hate it when people post there whole collections in the BST with captions like, “You will never get this one”.

Post your whole collection in the Yo-Yo Exhibition section. Only post the few things you want to sell or trade in the BST.

About the whole YYF thing… They are hard to trade and sell simply because their supply is higher than the demand. High end YYF throws play great! They should only release very limited amounts of their high end yoyos… this might make them “cool” again. ;D

Call it what you want. I earned my paper and I’ll spend it how i want where i want… Holla if ya hear me

so we should punish players by making them pay more and help scalpers who are in it to make players pay more?

As a player, Im happy with our priorities.