Why you gotta do this to me, Duncan Tourney?

Weighs in on my scale at 64g pretty much even. Scale goes to 0.1 and I weighed my Blockade which clocked in right at the reported 63.9. Slightly smaller in diameter by maybe 1mm vs the Blockade but really close to Markmont. Width smaller than Markmont and maybe even a hair smaller than the Blockade. So with all that I’d call specs on Tourney at:

weight: 64g
diameter: 56mm
width: 44.5mm

Really loving the Tourney it feels great in the hand and is just so much fun to throw.


Having invested time and money into 6 prototypes and $1000’s of dollars How many units will Duncan have to sell in order to break-even?
Will break-even point occur during the 1st production run…how may units does Duncan predict for future demand.
Does Duncan or YYF routinely utilize demand-forecast tools for sales projections?
It would behoove them to do so…surely they do.

I have not a clue.


Thanks a lot dude.

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These are now for sale (in Worlds boxes even) at … other… places on the web.


you get one of those green coated Basecamp Expeditions? The greenest.


I do! It’s currently my second favorite throw to use! :green_heart:

Oh…maybe not! What do you mean coated? I’m so intrigued now! Were these the ones they had at Worlds? I didn’t know they powder coated some of the throws with green! Would love some images!!

This is mine with a ceramic bearing in it.


haha very cool!
And no, I don’t have a coated Expedition.

/is sad

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haha I’m kinda kicking myself because I could’ve scored a Green Barracuda X with gold rims…in the box with the world’s glow butterfly, for under$65 (the other place on the web is doing a 20% with code CONGRATS)…
But alas! I made yet another impulse purchase just yesterday and now am beyond broke.

Ah well…just not meant to be! Plenty of other fish in the sea!


Have you guys seen the Green Barracuda X? Damn it’s a pretty little thing!



Green and gold is a tough one for me, it evokes those gold-loving Leprechauns who are “always after me Lucky Charms”


lol :rofl: