New Duncan Tourney & Butterfly AL!


From Duncan: Taking the double-rimmed yo-yos to the next level: Introducing, the Tourney! Signature yo-yo of Owen Ekblad.

Imagine a simple yo-yo design with no gimmicks at all: Fewer edges, a straight-up competition-ready yo-yo, AND bi-metal, AND double-rim? Yep. That’s the Tourney.

The body shape is heavily related to our 2017 model the Grasshopper X. This was Owen’s go-to yo-yo then, but he wanted something more suited to his style. So we took all the best bits of it and added a little bit of magic to make it something you’ll love just as much as Owen does.

The best part of it is that its great look and uniqueness don’t hinder its playability. The Tourney having a stainless steel inner rim actually plays a central role in making this yo-yo fast, stable, and giving it an unmatched spin time.

The Tourney is our eighth bi-metal product and we are incredibly proud of this yo-yo. Having Owen Ekblad involved and blessing this yo-yo made it into something extra special for us, and we know you guys will feel the same way. Owen’s first ever yo-yo was a Duncan Tournament (hence the name “Tourney”), and so this yo-yo is really nostalgic and sentimental to him. It’s the culmination of and an homage to his yo-yo journey, and it’s a signal of the bigger things to come. He put a lot of love into this design and we really know you will feel it when you play with it.

Butterfly AL:

From Duncan: The idea of transforming the Butterfly into aluminum is a pretty bold concept. The original Butterfly design is really something you don’t want to mess around with. After a lot of thought, we finally decided to design something aimed towards modern responsive yo-yoing; maintaining the feel of the original Butterfly but gearing the yo-yo towards a trickset that wasn’t invented at the time of the original Butterfly’s release. Our goal became to keep that timeless Duncan feeling, to make the yo-yo play responsively without sacrificing performance, and, of course, to keep the look of the Butterfly AL as close to that of the original Butterfly as possible.

This design is responsive out of the box. It’s a ton of fun: it’s a yo-yo that will make you smile big on your first couple of throws, and smile even bigger when you keep playing.

Keep in mind that this yo-yo is designed for modern responsive play, so be sure to keep your bearing lubed! However, if you feel like playing unresponsive play, just clean the bearing seat, add an unresponsive bearing, and it will be a slimline sleep machine!

After four days of selling these at the World Yo-Yo Contest in Cleveland, we heard a lot of positive feedback and learned about a lot of custom set-ups that were going on with the Butterfly AL, and here are some of the favorites!


Tourney is SO GOOD


Curious as to how many red AL’s you guys had when this went live? (they’re sold out already!)

I’m glad to see you’ve got a bunch of the green tournies in stock…VERY tempted to pick this thing up on monday if there’s still one left!

We only had 2 red (which I didn’t notice when I took pictures earlier today or wouldn’t have used it as the main image :expressionless:). These were all yo-yos that we took home from worlds so amounts were limited, hoping to get more eventually!

And the Tourney is realllly good! Much better than I expected with that weight placement, probably my favorite of the new Duncan bi-metals!



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Thanks for the support, guys!

4 new colors for the Butterfly AL soon! (including the red restock)!


They come with the wooden box and another yoyo (FHZ?)? I’m guessing the new ones won’t?

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Agreed. Tourney is good. I dont normally like how bimetals feel but that is an exception.


That’s because bimetals with the rings set back from the rims are the best. You get the stability and spin time without the heavy feeling in play that overly rim weighted yo-yos have.

Necessary Good Life shilling: Breeze is the GOAT.


I love Duncan. My GTX is a dream. Bought me a blue Tourney and silver AL. Thanks for the update!


They come with wooden box and the new butterfly XT which is also outstanding!


Oh! I’m intrigued!!

Taking a wild guess here:
-??? (kinda confused if there’s going to be 4 new colors +red, or 3 +red)

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Super happy I checked YYE before I left for work. Grabbing a Butterfly AL made my day. :grin:


I missed out. I hope the next release comes with the same goodies.

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Anyone with a Tourney also own a TopYo Raiser to compare? Very similar spec wise so i thought they might be similar in play and feel.

Own a tourney. Played a raiser. Not even similar feeling imo. Tourney plays soft and floaty. Raiser feels chunky and solid.


Anyone know if Duncan is planning on releasing more Tourneys in these same colorways eventually?

@YoYoExpertGarrett? @AndreBoulay? @bjardin?

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All new colorways coming soon actually!


Oh no! lol…I want a green one! >.<’

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On it! 2 Greens will be available.