why would anybody want a mighty flea or big deal?

why would you want a yoyo the size of a quarter? its that big so would it be hard to land tricks and stuff? plus wouldn’t you lose in like a minute cuz its so small. i know i would. i got a hard time keeping track of a full size yoyo. so please somebody tell me whats so good about a quarter sized yoyo.

It’s just that it’s fun to play with. Plus it’s good practice for hitting the string. No one would use it in a competetion, it’s just a novelty.

it’ll make you want to kill yourself, but if you lock up all the guns in your house, you will have the accuracy of a gunslinger.

for 80 bucks wouldn’t you just get like an 888x or a yuuksta or somthing thats actually good

There are different yoyos for different preferences. Apparently people like it because it is hard to find in stock at stores. :slight_smile:

People would buy it because maybe they are yoyo collector or they want to improve hitting the string onto the gap that is really small so they can improve

It’s a fun yoyo. I want it… :stuck_out_tongue:
But it’s like the most epic pocket yoyo ever, and it’s fun to play with.

lets not forget, the big deal IS a big deal

Because once you get over the frustration, it’s a blast to play with.