Why is Soloham allowed in 4A?

I’ve never understood why Soloham is allowed in 4A - it’d be like someone doing 3A in the 1A division. It seems to score very highly given the Worlds results but doesn’t seem very fair to me at all.

Gotta admit, I never understood why it’s allowed either. It looks cool and i’m always impressed by it, but if you picked up an extra yo-yo in 1A and started doing 3A tricks it probably wouldn’t be allowed.

Are you asking what the rule says because it says that you can use as many yoyo as you want. It also is not a very number of yoyo restricted as every other style. 1A means trick you can do with ONE yoyo 2A is TWO handed looping and 3A is TWO handed string tricks but 4A and 5A just say off the string and counterweight play nothing about only one yoyo in play. Besides don’t you think it is more entertaining to watch?

Not arguing that it’s entertaining, but so is Double Dragon and that’s banned from 1A despite not technically violating the 1 yo-yo rule. I just think the rules should be more clearly defined.

I think it’s awesome that it is allowed. It’s also kind of like how sliding counterweight is allowed in 5A. Two counterweights makes a difference.

On another note; I think Hajime Miura should be banned from 3A.

His performance wasn’t a Freestyle.

It was first degree Murder!

He is gonna be the 3a Shinji, lol

Oh, and on the Soloham. I think allowing the second off string yoyo was a Taka Hasegawa ‘thing’. They just let it ‘slide’ and the judges sorted out how to judge it.

I don’t think the Soloham should be allowed in 4A.

But then again; back at Worlds in 2005; I never really cared much for Justin Weber being allowed to come on stage wearing 1 black sock and doing 1A tricks with his foot.

I guess it just really boils down to whether the spectators and the judges want to feel like they are at a: Yoyo Contest or the Circus.

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Yeah, and 1 counterweight makes a Jake Ellliot.


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It’s allowed because it is offstring.

because no one yet considers using 2 yoyos in 5a a particularly good idea

Hajime beat Alex Hattori by about 18 points ;D, no biggie

It must take alot of skill to be able to use 2 offstrings at once though. I thought Rei Iwakuras japan nationals performance was so cool though.

as stated by the official WYYC website in the rules category…

“4A – 1 or more yo-yos”


If I remember correctly it was written in the rules that you can use more than one yoyo for 4a and 5a.

With respect lads, Chimera is a knowledgable man and I think he’s pretty up to date on the WYYC rules. :slight_smile:

I believe he’s asking in principle why you should be allowed multiple yo-yos in 4A when the rules are so rigid for some other divisions. We know that even moebius isn’t allowed/scored in 1A anymore, yet in 4A you could be juggling 6 yo-yos and it would be all good…


Wait wait… moebius isn’t scored in 1A? why?

In Möbius the string isn’t attached to your finger. I guess that makes it not 1A.

1a = one yoyo string tricks
2a = two yoyo looping
3a = two yoyo string tricks
4a and 5a…? off string and counterweight. I don’t get why there should be a specification on number of yoyos. There isn’t a division for multiple yoyos. What I don’t get is why 3a is limited to two yoyos.

There are so many new styles forming and I think that what scorers do is acknowledge these styles, but acknowledge them as either way too small/hard for the stage or widespread/do-able enough to be scored. Ky is kinda the only guy to do Double Dragon, and Zam is one of the only adept players at Moebius. Soloham, on the other hand, seems pretty present in the 4A style and really pushes the boundaries of offstring. A lot of players can do Soloham, but the risk is crazy high so I think that many players refrain from practicing it during freestyles. What I’m saying is that it is very do-able. Moebius has been decided as a more of a 5A-type thing, and Double Dragon just isn’t something many people are able to do. Same thing goes for more-than-two-yoyos-3A.

It’s a competition, so when someone has a really hard substyle of tricks they can do, I think that that gives them an unfair advantage or disadvantage, and the beef in charge realizes this. Soloham isn’t particularly hard (it definitely takes some getting used to, however), it’s just terribly risky.

If stuff like Moebius, Double Dragon, >2 yo-yo’s 3A became common practice in the yo-yo community then they would definitely be noticed and integrated into competition. That just hasn’t happened yet.

Following this logic, the two yo-yo 5A is definitely a strange thing to allow. I do think that the rules regarding this stuff should be investigated a bit and maybe revamped.

which came first the chicken or the egg

Just my guess so don’t take my word on it, I think it has something to do with the yoyo must be “attached” to your hands in order to define the division? in aerial (4a and 5a), either the yoyo or the string loop is not attached, so I kinda able to see how more than one yoyo works (or using more than one throwhand in 5a).
I personally think moebius should be made an exception and merged into 1a (I believe the skyrocket trick is allowed in 1a as long as the string is re-attached to your finger later), and slippery eel into 5a.

well i think its coming to the point where we need to make an outcasts section for all these different play styles called 0A…