Dual yoyos for 4a Competition?


have you guys ever seen those youtube videos of guys using 2 yoyos for 4a in competitions?
i always wonder if thats allowed and if it will give you more points or less or nothing.

is it considered a sub-style of 4a therefore = allowed? you guys have any thoughts?
feel free to input a comment.


I have always thought that only the first yoyo counts if you are using multiple at the same time. I’m not too sure though.


well here is Rei Iwakura winning 2012 worlds and he had 2 on near the end. I’d say it’s legal. not sure about extra points.



If I remember correctly, you are given the same amount of points as a normal 4a trick but you are penalized double the normal amount if you screw up.

Don’t quote me on this. This is just from memory of similar topics.


Check the rules of the contest.

In some contests(CalState and BAC I know for sure):
For 4A and 5A, there is no limit to the number of yoyos in play. It’s just not seen as often because it’s twice the risk and twice the penalties, potentially.


It is what Studio42 said. In 4A’s case, there’s no limit at all. That’s why Soloham play can be done in competitions…
I’ve always thought this is common knowledge 'cause I’m pretty sure yoyoers have come across contest judging rules and guidelinds and all that jazz…


You should see his winning 2013 Japan Nationals 4A performance from last weekend; his Soloham play was waaaay better and cleaner!


i figured it was allowed. its one of those things that may or may not be listed specifically in the rules. i was just curious since sub-styles are not listed in the contest rules.
i’ve read the rules, but i never attended a contest.


It’s called soloham and it’s perfectly legal.




Just saw it, very nice… He had like 6 extra yoyos on stag xD