Why is my DV888 bearing seat loose?

My bearing keeps coming out of the bearing seat. i have a B grade DV888

im not one to be helping people with bearing seats, but maybe thats why its B grade? dunno

The bearing isn’t suposed to fit too tight. Your DV888 is just fine.

Icthus is right, does it wobble in play?

b-grade= annodization defects/ SLIGHT vibe (rarely)

Anyways, you’ll be fine, just don’t lose the bearing :wink:

B-grade means anything that causes it to not be sold at regular price.

If it is any thing like my DV888 which I think it is, the anno has just worn off the post that the bearing goes around and has slightly decreased in diameter, the slightly smaller post will mean the bearing will come off easier.

It doesnt wobble

Then don’t worry, it’ll be fine.