Why is my Atmosphere responsive?

My atmosphere isnt very unresponsive. When I pull it, sometimes it comes back.
What should I do?

Try to give the bearing a flick, if it spins for like 3 seconds, there’s either something in your bearing seat, or lube in your bearing. make sure the bearing seat is free from any dirt and just keep playing with your yoyo to wear out the lube.

how long have you had the bearing? How much have you been playing with your yoyo?
your bearing might be worn out.

I have had it for a week or two, playing a few hours a day. I dont think its worn out yet.

It only spins for a second or two, but I dont see anything in the seat. Is it just lubricant slowing it down?

If you just lubed your bearing then there is your answer. Oil = response. Just play the bearing and it will break in.

But I haven’t lubed my bearing

I don’t own an Atmosphere, but in my experience, every Yoyojam I get requires a break in period for it to become unresponsive - some even will come up with just a tug on the string out of the box… so I think it is normal and you’ll be set in another week or two of play.

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