Why is Hi-Chew so popular in the yoyo community

Because yoyoers just started eating it and it became a “cool” thing.

Just like kendama.

Mango hi-chew is absolutely disgusting to me. Grape and yogurt though, mmm.

Because it’s awesome
Green apple and yogurt for me!

Oh… It’s candy…
I feel really stupid

Candy, yoyos, what more could I ask for?

because its GOOD. argument ended.

Grape for me. JD started it for me as well. I have since grown into a Hi-Chew loving machine. its so addicting!

Hahaha because people get it along with the yoyo they order!

They sponsor people you know.

Is there anywhere to get this other than Yoyobestbuy? It is similar to Laffy Taffy.

Wegman’s has it in their japanese section

Refined and processed sugar is technically a legal drug to which most of America is addicted. Kick the habbit, eat some fresh fruit for your sweet tooth kids :slight_smile:

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It really is.

Its beginning is kinda interesting. I guess in Japan (or wherever its from) its considered disrespectful to spit food out such as gum so they made hi chew to be like a gum you can swallow. those who have had it know what im talking about when saying it has a very unique texture to it. Almost like gum mixed with a starburst. Also the flavors are crazy. Im not a mango or banana fruit fan but these candies were the first that I have had that hit the fruit taste spot on. Usually banana candy has that gross fake banana taste. This banana flavor is probably the closest to a actual banana taste out there.

Ain’t this Asian form of Laffy taffy?

It’s just like Hubba Bubba bubble-gum (texture wise) and it’s got great powerful flavor.

Also… all the flavors are good. (mango is 2nd best)

But everyone is neglecting the best one of all - GRAPEFRUIT!

delicious candy deliciousness.

Also, crammitfrog has a point… so at the very least… enjoy in moderation. (and also enjoy real fruit from time to time… it’s usually more fulfilling and delicious anyway. :wink: