Why I believe you don't need all those new yoyos.

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There’s something I thought I would talk about for a bit that might possibly be eye opening for some of you, others may find interesting.

So, YoYo collections. Some have many, some have few, but quite often, people want more, not cause if trying a new play style, but for 1a exclusive, something new.

I want to say though, that for the past 2 or so years, I have lived happily with a collection of only at most 3 1a yoyos and never once did I feel deprived.

The thing about yoyos is that they are an extension of our own spirit. The spirit that resides within a YoYo joins with us, and the two beings become one entity that is not seperate but a whole. The two spirits become locked in a dance that creates a magic, and when this magic is created, you bond in a sense, forever to your spirit mate.
Each YoYo we have has a deep connection with us, and having a few spirits within is fine.
But what happens when we keep binding with more and more spirits within?
When our own spirit connects and becomes one with hundreds of throws?

It’s like a dance partner, you bond with them. You know them you learn how they move and a relationship is built that creates the magical connection and dance.
When you go and throw the partner away for a new partner often, it builds a disconnect, plus, it causes the spirit that resides in us all to grow weary and cold, causing a flame within to slowly fade.

This can be a dangerous thing.

Be patient, don’t be hasty. And Don’t be so quick to jump around.
Let your spirits bond and become one. Let the inner spirits awaken and call forth the incantation of the magic beings within your soul to create freedom and flow.

You will find Tha the results will be forever rewarding.

Something to keep in mind.



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I don’t think many of us believe we need all these new yoyos. Doesn’t mean we don’t want’em.

I think you’re making far too spiritual a statement about what are essentially objects. Sure, they’re objects that can “speak to us” on certain levels (ie. different yoyos will fit different styles and personalities just like different clothing will), but they’re objects nonetheless.

On a practical level, there’s something to be said for knowing exactly how a given yoyo will behave… you develop muscle memory and tricks should theoretically become more effortless the better you know (and therefore control) a particular yoyo. But that’s about as deep as it gets.

Some of us don’t care about making the effort to develop that level of intimacy. We just like yoyos because they’re a part of a hobby we enjoy. We don’t “need” new yoyos, but if we have the spare cash and aren’t harming our own lives by buying more… meh… we’ll buy more just for the fun of it. :wink: There’s nothing inherently wrong or invalid in that approach, and there’s nothing inherently better or more spiritual about limiting yourself to a small collection.

But thanks for sharing anyhow… no doubt people will agree with your philosophy, and if that works for you and others, I am the last person in the world to tell you not to hold to it. Just saying that it’s not the only way to view things.


As evidenced by my own collection, I agree with Greg.

I also think Josh’s meta-point about being content within one’s means is important.

That said, I haven’t gotten the impression that there’s an undercurrent of people who are unhappy because they’re unable to acquire new yoyos.

Collecting and enjoying the act of collecting is every bit as valid, noble and rewarding a reason for being a part of this hobby as is throwing and playing. Afterall, there are whole hobbies which are nothing more than pure collecting… (stamps, baseball cards, plastic figurines, etc.)

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I don’t think I need new yoyos because there good I just get new yoyos because it’s fun to be able to throw all different throws all of the time

The only reason I like to get new yoyos is to try something different.

I have my favorite group of yoyos that I won’t get rid of, but all the others I’ve had are soley to play and pass on to others so that they can have a chance to play it as well. If I play it and love it, it stays. If not, I pass it on.

I get new yoyos because I like variety. If there’s no need to only have a couple, and you’ve got the cash, and are willing, why would you not buy more? I agree that being content with what you have is cool too, but really, I don’t see you exactly in a position to tell us that our opinion on buying yoyos is wrong.

I’m always looking for new throws. But nine times out of ten I buy something old. I like it that way.

I get new ones, so I can play with the new one, then go back to my old ones and they’ll feel new again.

Yes I agree. For example, like cheating on your wife. So when you come home, it’s like a brand new relationship with your wife. You know? Keep the flame alive. Something like that.

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I delight in reading your posts josh! ;D

Yoyoing is different for everyone - for some, it’s just a simple hobby that they enjoy on the side, or just another thing to collect For others, it can be a very “spiritual” experience.

None of these positions are silly - there are many subscribers to each.

While I think that Haru was quite using some poetic hyperbole, I agree with him. I’ve been using the cascade exclusively for three or four months now and it’s been a very unique and eye opening experience. I’ve developed all of my tricks to the cascade, and I feel that using one yoyo has significantly impacted how I perform tricks.

I’d recommend it to anyone.

Plus, I’m several hundred dollars richer.

That’s my reason to buy new ones. There’s always a few that do what I want, but to do new stuff, sometimes you need a new throw. 8)

I just ordered myself a very classy and very black Pocket Rocket! So I am getting something new yet very old. Total.coolness.
I like new throws but wish that there was something worth buying, like a Nostaliga.
Hey there’s a thought! I need more Skon!
Off to ebay…

I keep a case of 6 core throws. No matter what I have acquired always end with dv888 or dm2.

Do whatever makes you happy. I for instance love lots of yoyos and don’t need to make a case for that! To each his/her own!