Why do sponsored players disappear?

Why is it that when a lot of people get sponsored by a yo-yo company, it’s almost like they completely disappear from social media? I can think of several people that used to put out a pretty decent amount of content, who have gotten sponsored, just poof. Gone. I never see them anymore. What’s up with that?


Because they were likely only active in those channels to get something out of, rather than contribute to the yoyo community.

After a while, what you enjoy to do, becomes what you have to do, and the passion fizzles quickly.

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I’m sure there’s some of both of these.

I liked Nate’s talk about getting sponsored:


They all end up with Elvis and J.F.K.'s clones on an island somewhere else. At least that’s what I heard.

Posting yo-yo stuff can be a grind if you’re not really excited about it. And it’s easy to lose the excitement when its something that’s expected of you. I think it’s true that some players mainly generate a lot of content to GET sponsored, and once they do, whatever. But for others it’s more about burnout. Yo-yoing is most fun when it’s about exploring and doing something you’ve never done or never seen. It’s LEAST fun when it feels like a job. The sponsored players who hang around tend to be the ones who can maintain a healthy balance between the fun part and the responsibility part.


This is a very thoughtful response, thank you. I take it you know a thing or two about this stuff from personal experience too

I mean I’ve certainly seen players come and go. Be really involved in the yo-yo scene and life takes them in other directions. Most times it’s not some big cathartic drop-off. They just see less and less of a reason to play and/or to engage about yo-yo, and the world pulls them toward other things. And after gaining the sponsorship thing, which they worked so hard for and held up on this pedestal, they realize they’re EXACTLY the same person and player they were before it. Some players have a harder time with that part. The kind of thing where actually succeeding at a thing can be tougher than striving for success ever was.


I don’t know if he was ever sponsored by SPYY, but he did have a signature throw. I’ve been wondering where Guy Wright went to in my 7 years away from the scene. His videos were my favorite back in the day.


Well, he’s got a signature pill. I dig the pill

We traded Guy to kendama for Chris Rodrigues.