Why do people sell 3a sets for so cheap?

It seems like I have seen people selling a single YYR for like 140 and then I see people selling a YYR 3a set for about the same…so why do people sell 2 yoyos for the price of one???

they often tend to have damage from 3A play (3A marks, dings, vibe etc)

It is a 3a set. 3a costs twice as much as 1a, the yoyos, the string, everything. Usually when someone sells a 3a set it is discounted alot, instead of adding the price of each yoyo together it is the retail of one of them and then a small amount more. 3a players want a bargin and know that they can get it for 3a. Also if someone is trying to get rid of thier yoyos they might not care that they are selling them or trading them cheap because they want them gone. Also 3a type play has the yoyos coming into contact alot so there is some damage from the 3a play.

This really is the only answer.