Why do people like the OG Valkyrie more than the new version?

Just curious as an owner of the new Valkyrie, which, although overpriced, I quite like due to how absurdly powerful it is. From what I’ve read the OG Valkyrie seems like it is liked more. How come?

Where are you seeing people say they like the OG Valkyrie more? I haven’t seen that opinion once. The Valk was always the most divisive member of the YYR trinity. I have seen a lot of people who didn’t like the OG Valk saying that they felt the new one was “done properly.”

Although it’s still relatively divisive since general comp yoyo trends have been skewing lighter/wider/faster. Just because you can pick up used new Valks for 60-70 bucks on the BST doesn’t mean people don’t like them as much as the OG. The OG ones push upwards of 200 dollars on the low end because they’re collectible and retailed at a higher MSRP, not because people like how they play more.


I can’t bring up any specific examples i just could of sworn that I had seen this before. I’m also not complaining too much about the price point because I bought one so it would be stupid of me to do so, me having given them my money already.

I just thought I had seen something a couple of times about the OG playing faster or something.

Maybe it was just in reference to being designed and made in Japan like the og Draupnir. There are many people that prefer the og to the latest versions just for that reason


I think the newer Valkyrie is a better design than he OG…


They are awesome throws i threw one a friend of mine has and its just excellent and a nice look too them rims are big


I still have an og Valkyrie and really enjoy it. I think for most people aren’t going to like it because of how dense it feels. It’s thinner and has a larger diameter than the new version. I also enjoyed the new version but thought the old was a little more unique.

I’ve owned a draupnir, sigtyr, and old valkyrie and the Valkyrie is the only one I kept. It doesn’t fit most people’s play style but it’s perfect for heavy/dense throw fans.

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I have the old YYR Trinity and the Valkyrie was always the one I was wary of.
It felt “angry” for some reason, it was less lenient than the Draup and Sig but it felt very different in play which was nice.
The new Valkyrie seems, just by the looks of it, to play controlled and more “lenient” I’d say.

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