Why did Onedrop have to pick black for all their code 2 side effects????

I am kind of sick of seeing black spikes on every code 2 these days. Also, I was fairly disappointed that the Code2 didn’t come out with unique and new side effects along with it.

Well, it makes sense to me since black is a pretty nuetral color and works with everything. But, I agree. I was a little disappointed that my shutterfly code 2 still had the black se’s. I mean, the colorway is based on My Little Pony. Yellow, pink splash, blue speckle…and then plain black se’s? I was hoping for purple or something equally wacky, but you couldn’t see the se’s in the pic.

Black goes with everything.

An in depth analysis of an extensive marketing survey showed black to be the best choice.

I personally like the look of silver metals. I think the aluminum spikes on my 54 look sweet. I have a black set of spikes that came as part of the BST deal I did for a DANG. I like the aluminum Dietz side effects in my Dietz.

I don’t think everyone is going to go nuts for colors. But, I will say, the right color on the yoyo can really make the yoyo’s look pop.

If I had opted to get a black DANG, I think red side effects would look nice.

Once I get my Code 2, I’ll figure out what I do or don’t like regarding the side effects. But, it’s a dark yoyo, a Zombie Thunderstorm. I think the contrast with the various brighter colors swirled through out, I think that will brighten it up sufficiently.

I hear that handsome loon who designed it just really likes the spike side effects and thought it didn’t make sense to come up with a new side effect just for the sake of coming up with a new side effect.


Seems like that dashing, swoon-inducing fellow had a fair point, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve played two CODE 2 setups, and preferred the spike over the other (can’t remember what it was).

On the contrary, I find it demeaning.

If only someone could come up with a way to change out side effects… :slight_smile: The color goes with almost anything and spikes are my favorite SE’s so I’m not complaining. Although, a new SE for such a special new yoyo would have been nice too.

well the new disks came out recently. That count as anything?