Why can't shop by Brand?


I know that I can choose “Brand” from the menu, but why isn’t this an option?

The ONLY reason; is that certain brands want to buy their way into the shopping-stream of curious newbies. My guess, is that YYE is selling this space to the highest bidder. Is that the “best” yo-yo; or just the one that paid the highest price?

Seriously, carving out a new space of evil on this one. Yeah; you know what I mean.

No, I don’t know what you mean… Carving out a new space for evil? is this a joke? Where do you come up with this trash?

We sell yo-yos, we aren’t big oil. There’s no conspiracy theories or underhanded dealings here. If we choose to feature certain brands at the top of the page; brands that we feel are supporting the community, brands that are moving the sport forward, or brands that have a wide variety of yo-yos, then how is that a bad thing? The old layout featured certain brands on the top as well, no complaints then?

You can click on brands and then scroll through to whichever brand you would like to browse. Or just go to new releases and take a look at all the new yo-yos in the order they released:


Constructive criticism is always welcome, especially concerning thoughts on the new layout, but this is just nonsense.

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I have reconsidered this.

Perhaps this is not as evil as I had imagined. I was shopping the Bi-Metal category and actually saw the value.

Consider this a learning experience for someone who is used to the old format and is getting very tired of everything on the web being geared to selling merchandise. I am old enough to remember when the web was for information dissemination - not advertising.

My apologies for seeing a boogeyman that was not there.

No problem YoYoGeezer, we all look for the boogeyman once in a while. Glad you’re coming around to the new site, and sorry if my response was a bit harsh.

If you do have any suggestions/criticisms let us know, we’re always looking for input as we’re still making some changes and working to get everything on the new site feeling just right.