Why can't I find a YYF one star anywhere?!?!

I have looked everywhere I can think of and I can’t find one. Why is that? If someone has one I am more than open for a trade so pm me pleaaase.

There was a problem with the Champions Collection edition so they didn’t sell them. And the old ones are pretty rare.

The first batches were sold at certain contests. I got mine at BAC 2012.

The first batch to be retail released was recalled. I think Ben said they’d be available in January. Let’s hope so. Forget the money aspect, but they are super affordable(around $15) and are really amazing players. Definitely a must-have!!

I have heard nothing but good about them and I am extremely interested in getting one for the collection. It they end up being sold in January for that price I will prob get like 3 just out of sheer excitement lol