Why are some people literally insane?!

I go on youtube, and I see a comment. It says: Boo. You suck!
I reply:
Do you think you could do better?
Well, he replied inappropriately.
He said yea, like I did your mom’s… {(Nope, not on THIS forum.)}
I go to look at his profile and see him commenting on other music videos saying Boo, you suck! and on girls’ videos saying some really REALLY sexual stuff. He keeps replying to me 10-line sentences with nothing but curses. Why do I find people like this on the internet? My gosh, humans are crazy. Anybody have any similar situations?

If it’s a kid, it’s probably because some parents are irresponsible of their children and don’t monitor their behavior. And when they’re in school, they see their peers who are making fun of other people as part of being a ‘cool’ kid, and they carry this ‘cool’ behavior they find from school and apply it to the internet without any restraint. And the rush or hormones at times doesn’t really help their case either.

Rule #1 of youtube. Never read the comments. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anonymity brings out the worst in people. When they know that they can do anything with zero accountability then some people just turn a bit crazy.

It’s like when there’s a riot going on and normal, law abiding citizens start looting and stealing stuff because they can get away with it. A human being without any accountability can be an ugly sight.

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No such thing as anonymity on the internet.

Shh, let them believe the NSA are the only ones who can read their stuff…

Maybe you shouldn’t take what people say to you over the internet seriously, you ate his bate anyways.

Rule #1: read the comments, then laugh at them

There is if you only smart off to people who don’t know how to use the resources to track you down. :wink:

Or use a trusted proxy.

Exactly right

I like never read the comment’s on videos. Unless it’s a yoyo video because I’ve never seen a bad comment on one.

It seems like the only comments on yoyo videos are “What song” and “what yoyo”.

Have you ever read the comments on an Ann Connelly video?

So true.

Don’t forget:
“Can’t be viewed on mobile”
“Make it work on mobile”
And “Why not on mobile”

What I do is I find a quiet spot, and huck a rock at the computer monitor. Just so the internet shall DIEEEEEE!

The one about a mile of broken glass was classy

It’s a form of trolling. The reward is in your response. Why give the troll what he/she wants? Emotional responses, knowing that he/she got to you is the sweetest reward of all. Never put the troll in control! ::slight_smile: