Whu whu whu what? PHENOM?


Looks like a Superstar Shape.

Looks really nice.


Looks wide, metal/celcon hybrid, with nicely anodized rims. At least I hope those rims are anodized and not gold plated, because I want to afford this thing.

I read that news before and saw that it has more metal in it, like the serious, but not much. IMO the price would be between the speeder and meteor,if not maybe higher . Just my opinion. Guys what do you think about the price?

That looks nothing like a Superstar shape.

Its hybrid, so maybe it wont have all metal price.

Sweet. Yeah it’s nowhere near a superstar shape. More like a less-full-in-the-middle and larger L3.

Im guessing it will be more expensive than the other metal rimmed yoyos from YYJ but less than their all metals…

due to the fact that metal consumes almost all of the yoyo itself,but still being a bimetal,id say maybe 50$-60$.but in the pic it has a dif-eo konkave in it so it could be closer to 70$.hope my analyzation helped.

Im drooling…want it


Read my comment in that thread. Lol

Looks awesome! Hope I have some cash when this thing drops. I’m guessing it will be somewhere around 70-75$.

Picture from syblog

I think the Phenom will be like 45$. The X-convict is only 42$.

The price might be higher if the metal part has a finish, like anodized, maybe.

That makes me happy… Im glad YYJ is moving away from adjustable gap, and hybrid response

I’m not. I’ve always loved dual starburst or the YYJ hybrid the best. Eh, whatever. I don’t have to get it.