Who's your favorite yoyo player ?

Who’s your favorite pro thrower and why ?

Riccardo. His long strings, massive slacks, and slow flow is in stark contrast to the mind numbing, unfollowable, slurred speed combos that seems to be all the rage. (Boring!!!)

His Tai Chi flow is unmatched in innovation, grace, and skill. Slow doesnt hide bad technique. Fast does. Therefore those that put all their focus on fast make me roll my eyes cause it makes me think that if they slowed down, they be all kinds of sloppy.

Oh, you did 50 tricks just then? Would have been nice to see them instead of a blur, but im sure someone out there is impressed by it, just not me.

So the antithesis of that is slow, grace, deliberate, mastery. This is the kind of style I love and want to see more of. Im tired of “speed combos” i just dont care how fast you can go, it looks crappy.

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Me  ;)  - just kidding…it’s this guy:

I’m not completely sure who is my favorite but he is up there for sure! To me many people look like they are making up their tricks as they go (sloppy and have to slowly grab and twist strings) or their tricks look like everyone else’s. I don’t really get into the super dense tech that people seem to like so much. Yeah, I attempt it but I get bored watching it. Riccardo has such a unique style of his own and I love it!

This is an easy one to answer:

Jensen, Charles, Yuuki, Sid, Spencer, Ed, Danny Severe, Riccardo, Markmont, Ando, Jason Lee, Escolar, Mark McBride, Seth, Paul Han, JonRob, Jake Bullock, DocPop, Sebby, Zach, Gentry, Gabe Lozano, Rojas, Steve Brown, JohnBot, Pekka, Alex B, Drew Tetz, Dang, Takeshi (the OG), Tsukasa, Ryosuke and a lot of others that I can’t think of right now ;D

I agree completely :+1:

Wow. Astounding. Is that real ?

Nate Dailey

Nate is another one of my favorites too!

Harrison lee his tech is really underestimated

Peter kavka is my favorite.he just has those awesome slack tricks and he combines different tricks that just go well together,he convinced me to get his signature yoyo the compass.

Andre Boulay, he helped me get started with his videos.

Of course it is. You saw it here, didn’t you???

BTW, my favorite yoyoer is…

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No, it’s all photo shopped. He’s really not that good.

Im sorry I did not mention in my reply, but Charles Haycock is seriously one of the best players on the planet right now. Mad props to Chuck. Im a big fan.

Yuuki Spencer and Ed Haponik

Michael Ferdico is running a close 3rd though.

I agree with YOU! My favorite player is ME as well!

Hijme miura

Jason Lee.

Something about his style speaks to me. The way he controls the dynamic and momentum of the yoyo is mesmerizing. His string formations are more about creating paths and obstacles, however fleeting, for the yoyo to bounce off of and change direction from than anyone I’ve seen.

Other than the many greats, it has to be my nine year old son. Watching him save up hard earned allowance to purchase his first quality throw, or his face as he landed his first hook is priceless. I am completely enthralled to watch his eyebrows knit in concentration as he works through a sequence, and it’s getting to the point wher, if I don’t step up my game, he’s going to be passing me up any day now!

Top 3 - Charles, Richardo, and Ernest. :slight_smile: <3