Who's goin to Chicago states?


I sure am! Competing in the amateur division.


sport freestyle :slight_smile:


I dont think i can make it to chicago states, maybe Illinois states. :stuck_out_tongue:


well if you want to be technical :smiley:


thats what i meant, haha.


Hmm…probably just to watch. Where is it at again?


navy pier November 21st:D


November 17th my bad

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Idk…I’m kinda helping out since I know the host of this fine contest…Lord Buffington!!!


You tell Lord Buffington I said Hi!


Hope to meet some of you there, its gonna be fun.


Ill be there and prob going to compete even tho I’ve only been at it for 3-4 months. I don’t plan to win or even place high but it should be really fun! I hope to see you all there, If anyone in MI is looking to carpool on the way from mt pleasant or wanting to meet up there do so, Ill have one spot open. I may leave a night before and get a hotel


Driving down from Grand Rapids starting at 7 am. Gonna be an awesome day.


Im for sure going to go a day before, ill be to tired to throw at 11 if I get up at 5am-ish lol


Taking the train and a cab from the suburbs

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Do you go to the yo-yo club?


Well if anyone sees me there come say hi and teach me a trick lol!


Will do for sure haha.