where in Ohio?

I can’t answer your question but where in Ohio? (I live in Ohio)

Split from: Out of state contest

I live in Findlay (it’s about an hour south of Toledo).

Good to hear, i’m in the cleveland area, Geauga county.

That’s cool. Me and someone were going to try to get some sort of club started this summer if you wanted to come. Will you be at Ohio states?

Ill see if I can make it to the indiana contest, might not compete as I dont have anything ready but ill be there to watch and have fun. Ill be at ohio states though.

I don’t know if I’m going or not yet. If I do, do you wanna meet up or something? I’m thinking about competing in the sports ladder still. If I don’t at Indiana I will probably will at mid east regionals. Do you think you’re going to that?

is that in july? probably. Yeah dude lets meet up somewhere, are you going to ohio states?

Yeah mid east regionals is July 14. I think I’m going to ohio states but I don’t know yet because I think I’m running cross country this year and usually the meets are saturday mornings. If I can I’m definently going though. It’s in september right?

yep, sept 1 I think

Ok cool. I’m not positive I’m going to Indiana but I’ll PM you when I know and we can set something up to meet up.

I’m not sure if I would be allowed, my parents just kind of look at it as an occasional hobby, they want me to be more focused on other things even though I would love to get together with another thrower. No I won’t be at states because I don’t really want to compete and my parents wouldn’t take me.

You guys should try to come out to the Cleveland Yo-Yo Club sometime!


That’s kinda the same with me. My mom is really into it though. She thinks I’m amazing when I’m really not all that good but I just think it’s fun. That’s basically why I will be able to go to contests occasionally as long as there’s nothing going on. I think she thinks it’s better then me playing video games or doing nothing all day.

Pretty much the exact same thing as me. Parents think its cool and i’m pretty amazing (even though i’m not as good as they think) but don’t support it too much.

I would love too if my parents would let me some time.

That would be sweet. The website isn’t working for me right now so could you tell me when the meets are?

I might head up some time when I go visit some friends in akron