Anyone yoyo in Ohio?


title says it all.


i do
did you go to the ohio yoyo contest this year?


Yeah, I did. I got 25th i think. Did you go?


yep i didnt compeate

maybe i will compeate next year

(PutridNebula) #5

My wife (Alloria here on YYE) and I are in the Toledo Area.


I do. I went to the ohio contest too?

Did you get 25th overall or 25th in the state?


im in ohio i go to the locoyoyo club

(M²) #8

There is actually a good number of yoyoers in oh, including myself, i’m over in the dayton section near vandalia.


Hey im in Dayton area to, well im inbetween Dayton and Cinn. but closer to Dayton, we should hook up somewhere!


me im in cleveland i go to the cleveland yoyo club check out my videos yoyo15479 on youtube