Whole collection for trade:)

hey guys im putting up my whole collection… some of this i might not trade but if i get good enough i might… NO SELLING!

YYF 44  -  it has dings and 3a scuffs all around it. Still plays smooth and amazing.
YYF                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    STYY remnant  - This is the older 1. it has 1 flat spot and 2 dings  ( not big) gonna be hard to get off me and it has some axel and vibe probs tht i will explain if u want me to.
Hspin Gorylla - ive heard there discontinued now? idk. it number 422… has a few pinpricks. SMOOTH! d size bearing s just arent my thing:/
YYF Genesis - it has a long pgm axel through it and a nut holding it together… needs to be retapped to have orignial axel put back in it. small vibe and  wobble. still plays like a genesis should. black marble LB
YYF Northstar  -  2 dings, 2nd run, orange, common nstar vibe
YYF Northstar  -  I havent even got it yet it coming in the mail. its White and mint Nuff said lol
YYF protostar  -  Half red half blue , scuffs, wobble? normal vibe, red side has nub crack. still beast
YYF Protostar  -  Gray- HUGE CRACK, and 2 small others scuffs. actually no worse than my others
YYF Glow Nasty  -  some black marks from the arrows. no scuffs awesome!
YYF PGM  -  custom dyed, black with green acid wash… wobble… vibe… still awesome                        Duncan Speed beetles  -  Used for 2a… awesome! mint besides factory marks…
YYJ Lyn Fury  -  Used for 5a… scuffs… still amazing… no caps…



CLYW ( No campfire)
YYF genesis
YYF GM2 (Metal)
YYF northstar
YYF Lunatic
YYF 888 (no 888x)
YYF hectic (small Bearing Only)
YYF Boss
YYF G5 (Nothing older than 09)
YYF Superstar
Crucial Heavy Cream
General Yo Hatrick
Duncan Exit 8
Chico Yoyos Heavy Hitter
YYJ Phenomizm
rec rev daisy
SPYY Punchline ( i will except repeater)
STYY Remnant 2 ( red or black)
Zen 5
Gone Items : Hectic, Hitman, protostar half red half blue YYF yuuksta  YYF Skyline  Duncan FHZ
Thats about it thanks and enjoy

would you want a DM II

Dude, keep it to the PM’s

no Dm2 srry BUMP

come on guys offer up! BUMP